CRSS Restart week

Thankfully, many businesses will be reopening this week.  Businesses already claiming the CRSS will need to determine whether they will still be “significantly restricted” from allowing the public to have access to the business premises.  If they are still restricted in this way, they should...

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Dept Warehousing

We previously informed you of the availability to warehouse your tax debts associated with COVID-19. We outlined the following:   The eligibility to warehouse COVID debts, The taxes which could be warehoused, How long the tax debts could be warehoused, and The interest rates that would...

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New Covid Supports for Businesses

Announcements have recently been made for new Covid initiatives, which are designed to support businesses in varying sectors, and which are outlined below. Further announcements are pending with a number of sectors being examined at present. In addition, some broader supports for towns/regions and business...

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