BREXIT – Reminder Steps

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BREXIT – Reminder Steps

Some steps that will help you be prepared for BREXIT

  • Importers
  • Talk to your suppliers – are they BREXIT ready?
    • Have they established a place in Ireland?
    • Are they covering the transport and clearance documents for you?
  • If so, they need an agent in Ireland
  • Are you confident that they can deliver to you in January?
  • Have you considered suppliers in central Europe?


  • Where you need a Customs Agent
  • Talk to your transporters e.g., DHL, FEDEX, UPS etc and see if they can clear customs on your behalf.
  • Where you have identified your Customs Agent, you need to inform Revenue. Please see attached the Customs and Excise Clearance Agent Form (previously known as APE5). Please note that this must be signed by either a Director or Company Secretary in the case of a limited or other incorporated company, by a partner in the case of a partnership, or by the proprietor in the case of a sole proprietorship.
  • Please also note, this form is sent by post at the time of this email to Customs Division in Co. Tipperary.
  • You will need your EORI/TAN number and the EORI/TAN number of the Customs Agent.


  • Commodity Code/Tariff Code: This is your responsibility to ensure that the correct commodity code/tariff code is entered on the documentation, because this will identify the duty due if duty is to be paid.



  • Exporting to the UK
    • If you do not have the knowledge to fill out the Export Declaration documentation, you will need to find a Customs Agent.
    • The Customs Agent will give you a letter giving them authorisation to act on your behalf. They do not need to be linked to your TAN on ROS.


Please ensure all Export/Import Declaration documentation is retained for 7 years.


At PSC, we are committed to assist you with these Brexit action points.  Please contact your usual PSC contact if you require any assistance.