Preparing for Brexit

Preparing for Brexit

Time is running out for businesses to prepare for the eventuality of Brexit.  Regardless of the outcome of the current trading negotiations, Brexit will impact in a major way on many business decisions.


It is important to remember that, as matters currently stand:


  • only Ireland ⇿ Mainland UK transactions will be affected, as regards supplies of goods, for both VAT and customs duty
  • Ireland ⇿ Northern Ireland transactions in goods will be unaffected as a result of the Northern Ireland protocol
  • All supplies of services will be affected by Brexit.


The following areas should be given immediate attention:


  • Customs Duty – click here
  • VAT – click here
  • Grants and Other Financial Supports : link here
  • Overall Brexit Readiness Checklist: link here
  • ie Six Steps to Preparing Your Business: link here


A summary of the VAT and Customs Duty rules that will apply after 31 December 2020 are set out below:



At PSC, we are committed to assist you with these Brexit action points.  Please contact your usual PSC contact if you require any assistance.


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